August 2008

  • H and J get married

December 2009

  • Stop using birth control in favor of “seeing what happens”

May 2010

  • Appointment with ObGyn to discuss irregular periods (a new development)
  • Bloodwork and ultrasound come back normal

July 2010

  • Start trying in earnest to get pregnant

August 2010

  • Move to new state, keep trying

March 2011

  • Appointment with new ObGyn to discuss (really) irregular periods and our lack of success getting pregnant
  • ObGyn runs bloodwork on H (everything comes back normal)
  • Semen analysis for J (volume and count normal, motility and morphology less than ideal)
  • ObGyn refers us to RE

April 2011

  • Appointment with RE (he’s not worried, prescribes Clomid and continued trying)
  • H given a potential diagnosis of PCOS (based solely on irregular periods)

June 2011

  • Positive pregnancy test with second clomid cycle
  • We see a heartbeat at about 6 weeks

July 2011

  • Miscarriage diagnosed at 9 week ultrasound (fetus stopped developing at 8 weeks, 4 days)
  • Two rounds of Misoprostal, followed by ObGyn removing remaining tissue

August/September 2011

  • Hold off on trying for two normal cycles

October 2011

  • Positive pregnancy test after just one month of trying naturally (no Clomid)

November 2011

  • We see a heartbeat (122 bpm at 5 weeks, 6 days)
  • Everything looks great, but the size is off by 9 days based on last period (doctors are not worried)

December 2011

  • Miscarriage diagnosed in emergency room after we notice some mild spotting (fetus stopped developing somewhere around 7 weeks, 5 days)
  • Miscarry naturally while waiting for Misoprostal prescription (ObGyn removes some tissue in the office)

January 2012

  • Appointment with new RE; the new plan involves workups for RPL and IF, hopefully followed (if results of all tests come back normal) by three closely-monitored Clomid cycles
  • Tests ordered include: HSG, karyotype for both J and H, thrombophilia tests, and androgen tests (prolactin and thyroid tests were done by previous RE and looked fine)
  • HSG performed on day 11 of H’s cycle

February 2012

  • All results of RPL testing come back normal, except that H is heterozygous for MTHFR (homocysteine level is normal, Dr. D prescribes Folgard)
  • The plan is to start Clomid and progesterone with next cycle

March 2012

  • Tentatively un-diagnosed with PCOS
  • Start weekly acupuncture sessions
  • Start first Clomid cycle, trigger ovulation with Ovidrel shot
  • Pregnancy test: negative

April 2012

  • Start second Clomid cycle, first positive OPK ever
  • Pregnancy test: negative

May/June 2012

  • Forced break from Clomid, while I resolve unrelated medical issues
  • Natural cycles of timed intercourse, aided by positive ovulation tests
  • Pregnancy tests: negative

July 2012

  • Start 3rd Clomid cycle
  • Daily regimen now includes: Progesterone (starting three days post-positive ovulation test), Baby Aspirin, Folgard
  • Positive pregnancy test in late July

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